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Do you wish to change something or are you in the middle of a transition?

Are you going through a divorce or personal crisis and need support?

Are you new in Belgium and wishing to make it your home?

Do you long to change something in your relationship?

For these and any other life change . . .

Coaching can help!

Interkulturelles Coaching Mediator Brüssel
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Welcome to Cora Schieffer

Transcultural Coach and Mediator in Brussels

accompanying you in times of change


Do you wish to change something in your relationship or any other family situation?

Do you wish to communicate in a different way?

Do you wish to take your fate into your own hands and look for outcomes that are tailored to your situation?

For these and other relationship questions . . .

Mediation can help!

Intercultural Coaching Mediation Brussels
Coaching Mediation Interculturelle Bruxelles

Cora Schieffer


I am curious to hear your stories, the ones from now and the ones you are going to create... When you come to me for coaching and/or mediation, you will find I am an attentive and empathic listener, who wishes to understand while keeping an open mind!

I coach and mediate in English, Dutch, German and French.

I deeply enjoy the diverse world we live in. In meetings, I aim to create a space where our differences can exist side by side. Trying to find out what connects us can change how we view differences and they can become enriching (again). 

Cora Schieffer - Coaching & Mediation

Email:       cora.schieffer@gmail.com

Phone:     +32 (0)479 806 989

Enterprise number: 0841.769.265

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